About Wayfarer's Lantern

Wayfarer's Lantern is a fantasy serial about prejudice, fear of the unknown, heroism, platonic love and what it means to call a place home. Set primarily in and beneath the city of Hiraeth, our heroes are the Hiraethian captain of the guard and all around champion of justice, Bartholomew Stein and the hated and feared Wayfarer, a misunderstood magician of an ancient race long blamed for the world's woes.

The people of Hiraeth are in fact their own worst enemies, as it happens that such a concentration of humans is collectively powerful enough to inflict great harm to the delicately tuned magic ecosystem. Beset by the horrors of a world gone mad including but not limited to: beasts which walk upright like men, the sirens of the deep, an ancient living labyrinth, and the shadows themselves!

Can a prejudice spanning centuries be abolished? Can it be atoned for? What is man's place in the natural magical order and can a history of hate give way to a future of not only tolerance but acceptance?

Join a mute child who is much older than they let on and the world's most anxious fantasy police officer-analogue as they find out in: WAYFARER'S LANTERN!

About Marcus Schlueter

Marcus is a misanthropic, fur covered mountain mammal which feeds upon fruits and comics and hibernates almost always.

He is also the author of Consistent Tangerine, a cute comic that is really great.

He is sensitive and handsome and also talented, but modest.

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