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Main Cast


Full Name: Oriens Arianna Astrum

About: Our protagonist. Ari is a regular girl living with her uncle Tobin in Western Montana and attends high school with her friends Kim and Sam. Then some monsters started chasing her the night before her seventeenth birthday. She probably has some sort of destiny.

First Appearance: Issue One, Page One

Favorite Animal: Panda


Full Name: Kimberly Capek

About: One of Ari's two best friends and her classmate. She is smart and is maybe a robot. That or she is just someone who doesn't smile.

First Appearance: Issue One, Page Seventeen

Favorite Animal: Jellyfish.


Full Name: Samuel Delicia

About: One of Ari's two best friends and her classmate. He is charming and apparently rather slutty. His parents aren't around much.

First Appearance: Issue One, Page Seventeen

Favorite Animal: Probably himself.

Supporting Cast


Full Name: Tobin Markov

About: Ari's uncle and guardian. He is a kind old man who tunes pianos. He is sure he is more interesting than people give him credit for.

First Apperance: Issue One, Page Seven

Favorite Animal: No one ever bothered to ask him.


Full Name: ?

About: A mysterious man who is currently “taking an interesting” in Ari, but not in a weird way. He is probably magical. He is certainly ridiculous.

First Apperance: Issue 1, Page 9

Favorite Animal: Imaginary dragons.


Full Name: Jethriel

About: Angel. Not a disco ball.

First Apperance: Issue 2, Page 8

Favorite Animal: It is not Jethriel's place to judge the worth of GOD's creations.

Other Characters

Ari's Parents

Ari's mom died in a car accident when Ari was a baby. There is probably some mystery surrounding this. Ari's dad died in the same car accident. The only proof he exists is an elbow in a picture. It almost doesn't need to be said, but he is also very mysterious.

Evil Guy & Co.

An assortment of demons who seem to be trying to kill or capture Ari. So far they've tried to run her over with a van, catch her with giant wolf-demons, kidnap her friends, and set a few traps. So far no one knows why they're doing this. They are jerks and apparently answer to someone called Mammon.