About the Comic

The Piano Tuner's Niece is a young adult/modern fantasy/romance/science fiction graphic novel about a teenage girl, her friends, and their attempts to survive high school and save the world.

The story follows Ari, the teenage niece of a reasonably successful piano tuner who lives an ordinary life until a mysterious stranger shows up and monsters start chasing her. Suddenly she finds herself at the heart of a conflict older than humanity, a war over the very soul of mankind and it is up to Ari to either save the world — or destroy it. And if the bizarre supernatural troubles weren't enough, she still has to deal with being a teenage girl in the modern world and all the problems that entails.

The Piano Tuner's Niece began in 2011 and will update online until its completion.

About the Creators

T. Stimac writes the comic and handles most things that aren't pictures. He lives in western Montana with his wife where he writes the blog Crusade on Entropy, draws the journal comic I Should Just Stop Talking, and manages Some-Stories.com.

Margaret Lyon draws the comic and has far more to do with character development and plotting than she probably knows. She lives in Western Montana with her menagerie, consisting of a bird, some snakes, several rats, dozens of fish, and her husband and stepson. She also manages an Etsy shop where she sells handmade earrings, small sculptures, commissions, and custom orders. For updates you can like her Facebook page.