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Anime Asylum

Created by: Tess Langston

Updates Tuesdays & Thursdays

Active Since: November, 2012


Anime Asylum is a comedy/action story. It is about two young doodles, Kylie Napoem and Ella Peppington (along with Walter the Cat) who have stumbled across the workings of the Hollow Queen's evil plans. Now the three have to work through community service to learn how to stop this threat and save all of Scribble City's animated inhabitants.

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The Piano Tuner's Niece

Created by: T. Stimac & Meg Lyon

Updates Mondays

Active Since: November, 2011


The Piano Tuner's Niece is a young adult/modern fantasy/romance/science fiction graphic novel about a teenage girl, her friends, and their attempts to survive high school and save the world.

The story follows Ari, the teenage niece of a reasonably successful piano tuner who lives an ordinary life until a mysterious stranger shows up and monsters start chasing her. Suddenly she finds herself at the heart of a conflict older than humanity, a war over the very soul of mankind and it is up to Ari to either save the world — or destroy it. And if the bizarre supernatural troubles weren't enough, she still has to deal with being a teenage girl in the modern world and all the problems that entails.

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Wayfarer's Lantern

Created by: Marcus Schluter

Updates Wednesday

Active Since: July, 2016


Wayfarer's Lantern is a fantasy serial about prejudice, fear of the unknown, heroism, platonic love and what it means to call a place home. Set primarily in and beneath the city of Hiraeth, our heroes are the Hiraethian captain of the guard and all around champion of justice, Bartholomew Roland and the hated and feared Wayfarer, a misunderstood magician of an ancient race long blamed for the world's woes.

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On Hiatus

Area Unknown

Created by: Bryce Hansen

On Hiatus: Since May, 2016

Active Since: December, 2014


Area Unknown is sci-fi/horror web comic. Chronicling the story of Cass, an untested adventurer descending into the depths of an otherworldly laboratory filled to the brim with geniuses, mad men, monsters and unlimited possibility. She and her growing group of compatriots will fight the mysterious masters of this hidden world to stop them from tearing reality apart at the seams.

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Brian, Young Ninja

Created by: Mark Wayne

On Hiatus: Since February, 2015

Active Since: December, 2013


Brian, Young Ninja is a coming-of-age story – the tale of an unlucky young man searching for his place in and developing his response to an unfair, corrupt world.

Brian joined the local two-year ninja academy mostly to keep his parents off his back. Now he’s graduated, but has a problem taking any of the espionage/assassination jobs offered by the corporations that control the world. Unfortunately, those are the only paying jobs available to a young ninja. As a result, Brian gets work through a temp agency and rooms with his parents. Just until he gets on his feet though…

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