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About Some-Stories

Some-Stories.com is a creator owned comics distributor based in the Mountain West of America. Founded in 2011 by a scrappy creative team armed with nothing more than a domain name, some talent, a book on web design borrowed from one of the founder's wives, and a driving desire to tell quality stories, Some-Stories is a growing community that strives to connect talented writers, illustrators, and other creative types with a global audience.

During its initial launch Some-Stories consisted solely of The Piano Tuner's Niece, a young-adult graphic novel by T. Stimac and Meg Lyon. The addition of the graphic novel Anime Asylum by Tess Langston in late 2012 made the plural appropriate. Then, in late 2013, Mark Wayne joined up with his comic Brian, Young Ninja. In the future Some-Stories plans on adding a new story each year until the Sun explodes.

Some-Stories is completely owned and operated by the artists. All funds raised directly benefit the site's maintenance, expansion, and improvement in addition to making sure the artists can live in buildings and eat food.

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