Full Name: Kylie (or Kairi as her mom calls her) Moe Napoem

About: Kylie is the daughter of Gary Napoem (an American Cartoon) and Usagiko Napoem (a Japanese Anime) and little sister to Ben. She's a bit of a spaz, very innocent, but is full of heart. Kylie wishes to help those in need but needs to learn quite a bit before she can even save herself.

First Appearance: Page 1


Full Name: Ellanore Peppington

About: Ella is the daughter of Violet Peppington (an Asian Cartoon) and Jonathan Peppington (a British Cartoon). She's very spunky, a smart aleck, but is very faithful to her friends. She goes along with Kylie to help her on her mission (also to kick some butt along the way).

First Appearance: Page 2


Full Name: Walter

About: Walter is Kylie's cuddly pet. He is an intelligent animal but can only say “Meow” to speak his mind. His only other problem is his lack of opposable thumbs. He is also Jewish, so he cannot have bacon.

First Appearance: Page 2

Supporting Cast

Kylie and Ella's Families

Name: Ben Napoem

About: The older brother of Kylie, he likes to poke fun at her. Though deep down he is a tender guy who wants nothing more than to find a nice girl and not a lonely streetlamp.

Name: Gary Napoem

About: Kylie's father (American Cartoon), he is a dedicated man who always has cheesy advice for his children. He was once was Dare Man then he quite his job to make a family. He now works at The Naming Rights department.

Name: Usagiko Napoem

About: Kylie's mother (Japanese Cartoon), she is a typical concerned mother who adores her family. She used to be Ran no Bushi, but quite to start a family. Now she works at The Extraordinary Species Registration Center.

Name: Hena Peppington

About: Ella's mother (Indian Anime influenced Cartoon), she is wistful and loving though emotional. She met her husband at a Cartoon Cultural Festival where they both fell in love and decided to learn more about each other and eventually married.

Name: Jonathan Peppington

About: Ella's Father (British Cartoon), he is proper though has an outragous British sense of humor. He met his wife at a Cartoon Cultural Festival where he instantly fell in love with her. After learning more about her and many attempts of wooing her, the two married and have been happy ever since.

The League of Liberty Team

Name: Donna Matrix (Donna Stencil)

About: A Superhero (Action Cartoon) not only does she possess super strength but a super heart as well. With her compassion and understanding she holds the team together. She was offered one of the skanty costumes that were in store at the tower, but she decided to make her own, one more practical and less...*cough**cough*. After accidentally breaking school property, she decided at an early age to go into crime fighting, something she feels makes up for most of her mistakes in the past.

Name: Optical Man (Bruno Brandy)

About: A glasses themed superhero (Action Cartoon), he has a strong sense of justice and has been at the crime-fighting business the longest. He has had many adventures that mostly involved wrestling muscly men half naked and will not hesitate to recall a lengthy story. Once he had a sidekick named Monocal Boy, but Monocal Boy has retired since their golden days. Optical Man's weakness is when he loses his glasses he loses his powers. He is defenseless without his prescription lenses.

Name: Mutant Man ( Matt S.J. Leirb)

About: (Action Cartoon) After an accident at the Chemical Materials plant, he gained the ability of mutating anything that comes into contact with his skin. He uses his powers mostly in tight pinches (like mutating a frog to make it a giant monster). He used his powers to save Coug's life by combining his DNA with that of the large cat's furs that were flying around at the zoo. He loves video games, pulling pranks, and picking up chicks with “Do you want to hear my origin story?”

Name: Coug (Coach Arnold Steck)

About: A Feline Furry (American Anthro Action Toon), he was once the football coach at Pink Pearl High. He was saved from a stampeding elephant at the zoo when Mutant Man merged his DNA with the floating hairs of the large felines. Now with enhanced strength, agility, and senses, he helps trains the heroes at the Liberty Tower. There he helps with fitness, stitches up costumes, works on the super vehicles, and keeps on eye on Mutant Man from performing any outrageous pranks. He has experienced prejudice for being a Furry and has learned to deal with his anger on a large scale (he roars every now and again out of stress).

Name: Officer Ludwig Bat

About: Barthomew the Bat and Oola the Songstress's son (American Anthro Cartoon), he has always been interested in solving crime since he was a small child. He would solve mysteries at the Circus with his catchphrase “I deduce Dad....”. Now he is chief of police for Panel Town and takes his job very seriously. His large ears and sensitive hearing help him with some cases. He is married to Akako Tsuki (Japanese Cartoon/Anime) and together have a daughter named Komoriko.

Silly Circus Gang

Name: Sebastian the Unicycle Snake

About: Sebastian is part of the Silly Circus as Leodore's unicycle and other comedy props. He has a sever speech impediment because of the fact that his tongue is not forked like most snakes. He sees himself as a responsible guide for not only Leodore but Kylie and Ella as well.

Name: Leodore The Lion (Leodore Felis)

About: Leodore is the Clown for the Silly Circus. He is very much what a cartoon should be: silly, simple minded, and very cheerful. Though he does have feelings for Faline that he has a hard time expressing.

Name: Vincent Van Poodle

About: Vincent is the Ringmaster of the Silly Circus. He is very orderly and proper about the production of his circus acts. He wishes to put on shows better than the last each and every time.

Name: Faline Tigris

About: Faline is the Gator Tamer of the Silly Circus. Though he is tough on her alligators she has a soft side. She uses her glamor as a defense and her claws and whips as her weapons.

Name: Biscotti Beari

About: Biscotti is the Mime for the Silly Circus. Not much can be said about him.

Name: Barthomew

About: He is the Pianist for the Silly Circus. He usually hangs upside down with his piano perspicuously tied with a few ropes (he hates it when people touch his ropes). His favorite food is Blood Oranges.

School Staff

Name: Principle Soy

About: He the principle of Paper Cut High School, and though he is a quiet man, he seems to have a mysterious past about him.

Name: Mrs. Barbra Anna

About: She is a teacher at Paper Cut High School who teaches Drawing Anatomy class. She has a fiery temper and zero tolerance for shenanigans.

Other Toons

Name: Potty Mouth Pete

About: About: (American Cartoon) A foul mouthed toon, he resides in “Bang Alley” where the sleaziest, dirty cartoons go. He usually gets caught by the Censor police often and likes to smoke, drink, and curse like a sailor.

Name: Pin Up Penny

About: One of the first toons (American Cartoon) to make it in the business and live in Bang Alley. She may seem sweet and old fashioned but really she is one of the most raunchiest drawings you will ever meet! She is best friends with Waldo the Monkey after they both retired.

Name: Waldo the Monkey

About: A tired star (American Cartoon), he was one of the first toons to make his mark in the business and has been the most successful. He had a long career of bringing joy to everyone but after many decades he had finally retired. Though it seems that he knows more than he lets on about the secret behind the Ink Ninjas and the Hollow Queen. He likes to smoke and critique young toons. is made possible by:

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